Questions and answers about everything related to our salt. If you have any questions do not hesitate to write to us and perhaps we will include it here.


Questions and answers about everything related to our salt. If you have any questions do not hesitate to write to us and perhaps we will include it here.

What is organic sea salt?
Organic sea salt is 98% NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and 2% up to 80 elements. The common table salt that we use has only 2 or 3 elements.
Benefits of a low sodium salt?
By medical indication, some people should reduce the intake of sodium in their diet, however they do not renounce the taste of a classic seasoning using our formulas, and they follow the prescription without depriving themselves of the use of this alternative salt.

In the food industry there are processes in which salt is necessary for food preparation and our formulas allow us to maintain the necessary salt dosage, but with a decrease in the sodium present in it.

Thus, the final food has the same appearance and flavor as one made with common salt, but it is low in sodium.

Where is organic salt extracted from?
Ecological salt is extracted in such a way that it impacts as little as possible with the environment, in this way, simply with the evaporation of water thanks to the wind and the effects of the sun we get this mineral.
Is organic salt refined?
Our salt is washed with sea water to remove impurities
¿Organic sea salt vs. table salt?



Obtained only by evaporation of sea water

Obtained by other industrial methods: rock extraction, industrial evaporation (vacuum)

Crystallization without energy consumption, using solar energy (natural production techniques)

Crystallization through industrial processes with high energy consumption.

High carbon footprint in obtaining salts other than marine ones.

3 times more in mine salts and 30 times more in industrial evaporation salts (vacumm)

Produced in rural areas

Produced in industrial areas

Salt production technique that preserves the landscape and the environment, favoring the biodiversity of both the fauna and flora of the area

Destruction of the environment by erosion and modification of the geological structure in the case of mine salts and by contamination of the environment in the case of industrial salts (vacumm). In all cases the biodiversity of the area is NOT favored

Free of additives and anti-caking agents

Additives are added to prevent caking

Purely mechanical processes for obtaining salt for consumption, without the presence of additional products.

Products foreign to those present in the salt itself are added to obtain the final sale product. This is accomplished with chemical precipitation.

It contains in addition to Sodium Chloride, minerals and trace elements that can only be found in seawater and are beneficial for the proper functioning of metabolism.

Industrially, the salt is refined until all minerals or trace elements are removed.

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