What is the best salt to consume?

The best table salt is sea salt versus common salt.
The benefits of sea salt are mainly due to the extraction and preparation process.

The thing we know as common salt goes through a refining process that makes it more attractive to the consumer, however, one of those processes is artificial bleaching.
Bestead, sea salt is dried in the sun as a natural process. The extraction of sea salt is still done as it was centuries ago, without artificial processes. Only seawater, wind and sun are involved in the extraction of sea salt


In sea salt the content of iodo is the one that contains naturally and in the common salt is added iodo because in the process of refinement loses the natural iodo.

Taste of sea salt vs common salt flavor

The taste of sea salt is much more intense than that of table salt. Great chefs recommend always using sea salt on their dishes.

A lot of people think that the type of salt when cooking does not matter, but nowadays the level of sophistication and knowledge of food chemistry leads us to consider that it is not true. The great chefs already have a laboratory department in which organic sea salt is an essential element.

They also consider it to be healthier as its extraction process is completely natural.
In organic sea salt there are no industrial processes involved and are certified by Intereco.

If you have a restaurant try our organic sea salt. It is Mediterranean sea salt.