Wholesale sea salt

Biosales produces mediterranean sea salt with ecological certificate certified by Ecological UE Certificate. Biosales promotes sustainable and aware production that ecological production is possible to curb climate change. Biosales currently has certified four organic sea salt products with the trademark The Medsalt co.

  • Organic salt flower The Medsalt co
  • Organic wet sea salt The Medsalt co
  • Organic sea salt The Medsalt co
  • Ecological Fine Marine The Medsalt co

You can see the certification of our organic sea salt products on the website http://interecoweb.com/certificacion-sal-ecologica-listados/ The production of organic sea salt from the Mediterranean does not include mechanical processes in its extraction. Only three natural agents are involved in the production: sun, wind and Mediterranean water..

Biosales is a wholesaler of sea salt

We produce sea salt for food and industry. We have customized products for the restoration channel and Gourmet channel. Contact with your sea salt wholesaler and we will inform you