Marine salt vs. Table salt

Is sea salt healthier than normal table salt?

To answer this question we must know the differences between the two.

Sea salt evaporates directly from sea water. It is a natural process. This process of evaporation to obtain sea salt is an ancestral process that has been carried out for more than 2,500 years on the Spanish coasts of the Mediterranean.

Because the sea is not a pure solution of sodium chloride, the end product retains amounts of other marine nutrients, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

The process of obtaining sea salt is completely natural.

The ecological sea salt of the Mediterranean guarantees that its extraction comes from protected natural areas, with a process of evaporation in sunlight, without the intervention of industrial means. No additional additives to color or modify its texture.

Packaging processes according to the norms of the Regulating Council of Ecological Agriculture .

This Agency guarantees that the extraction and packaging process is completely ecological according to the regulations. Mediterranean sea salt is not organic salt because salt is a mineral, not organic and organic products have to be organic.

What is contemplated is that the extraction, treatment and packaging is completely ecological.

Leave the Table

Table salt is a refined product. It is extracted from the underground of salt mines. During processing it is stripped of other minerals. External agents are added to achieve a good texture and color. It is also fortified with iodine, an essential nutrient for thyroid health. With the addition of iodine, diseases such as goiter are avoided.

If you are concerned about sodium intake to control your blood pressure , keep in mind that sea salt is still salt, since almost the same sodium content as any other variety.

That said, the good news is that sea salt tends to add more flavor. Sea salt is tastier, probably due to its mineral content, and less quantity is often used when flavoring foods.

sea salt improves flavors